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More sales without more profit is just more work.

Let me help!

With 26 years of experience in marketing, social media, HR, websites, & CRMs, I can quickly make a difference in your business so that you get to do what you're brilliant at instead.

Spend more time working on your business and less time doing the stuff you don't enjoy or are not good at. 

Freedom Potential
Social media management

Don't have time to manage your social media?

Monthly Management

I hear ya! It actually takes alot of time and brain power to get it right. 

Join the club of many business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.

For a monthly subscription, I will manage your Business Instagram profile, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, & LinkedIn page with inspiring and relatable daily content, graphics, and posts.

This includes making graphics, photo licences, planning content, liaising with you for content production, managing comments, & actively gaining more followers.

Say goodbye to spending what seems like wasted time on your social media and worry no more about it.  You do what you do best. Grow your business. 

Do you need a fantastic looking & functional website done yesterday that won't require you to sell off your first born to pay for it?

I have developed many websites in my time.

I produced 3 large websites over the 6 week COVID lockdown in 2020. One of them had 155 pages!

It's important to keep your brand consistent on all your media including your website. Once people find you they need to buy from you so I make sure it generates leads for you as well.

Websites often let down a company - I'll make sure that doesn't happen to you. I've seen too many bad websites to build one for any of my clients!

If you are brand new and haven't chosen your domain name yet I can give you some free advice on that. No hyphens, the business name needs to be identical to your domain name and it should be easy for someone to spell when they hear it. So skip the play on words or letters.

As well as that - if you want to you can make changes to your own website once it's finished. I'll give you an instructional video for you and your team.

Or you can simply contract me to make the changes. Either way is fine.

Website design and creation

Do Facebook ads or the thought of creating them make you stressed?

Monthly Management

Don't worry one little bit! You have arrived at the right place.

I use a very successful method to test ads and then promote the ones that get engagement - that way you are not throwing money away on ads that don't work.

I have completed courses with Dennis Yu, Taylor Welch, Chris Evans as well as Kelly Roach - combine that with over 15 years of digital marketing hands-on experience - you're in good hands.

For a monthly subscription, I will manage your Business Instagram profile, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, & LinkedIn page with inspiring and relatable daily content, graphics, and posts.

The issue with outsourcing your ads or social media to a big marketing firm is that they delegate to the junior staff and you really don't get a personalised service. They talk the talk ut don't walk the walk. 

This includes making graphics, photo licences, planning ads, and liaising with you for your voice and conversion desires.

The cost of the ads (paid to Facebook) are not included. Sorry

Do you need an extra pair of hands but can't afford to hire someone yet?

I'll find you an amazing affordable Virtual Assistant!

Your first hire is usually a VA. But get the wrong one and you may as well just do it yourself even though you don't have any time left! Get the right one and you'll have some time back for yourself. That's important. 

After 26 years of recruitment, I can screen through 100's of applicants to find you the best VA for what you need. 

I can also help you onboard them so you get them up and running fast. There are a few tips and tricks which you need to be aware of.

Remote Virtual Assistants are affordable and if you choose the right one, conscientious.

They can be tasked with fairly repetitive admin things that you're best not spending time or energy on so that you can work on growing your business more.

I have a very sure-fire way to find, screen and hire, through rigorous testing, your perfect VA.

I'll find you a VA
Client Database Creation

Are you using paper or a spreadsheet to manage your clients and staff? There's a better way.

Client Database Creation

Transform your spreadsheets into something useful that automates tasks for you and saves you time

Using Claris Filemaker I will build a branded Client Management System Solution for you that will transform your workload by utilising automation for basic and repetitive tasks.

Spreadsheets are fine for a few clients but once you have more than 50 leads and more than 10 clients you need something a bit more robust and a system that will help you not hinder. 

The system allows you to find leads at different stages of conversion, add notes to the client and lead files, email groups of leads or clients based on their status, reports, record payments, and much much more.

A bespoke system allows your business needs to be incorporated into a CRM rather than an off the shelf system which never quite does the job. 

The system can store PDF files to a client file, photos, and leads can be imported automatically - bye-bye to data entry!

Usually a bespoke system will cost over $100,000 but depending on your needs this system is so much more affordable. 

Your accountant tells you you've made a profit - but don't you wonder where that money went & why you can't take some out of the business?

Take charge of your cashflow & profit

How often do you wonder where your profit disappears to?

It's there on the Profit Statement but where's the cash? 

Often businesses use their bank balance as their indicator of how well they are doing but more often than not this can lead to overspending cash that really is destined for operating expenses, cost of sales or in fact profit to the owners.

So many business owners I help work all hours of the day and night and yet don't pay themselves well enough and also dont take any profit dividends.

I'll help you implement a system where you'll never find yourself short on cash - or profit. 

This is most beneficial for businsses with a revenue of $250,000 to $1 million. 

Find your profit so you can take it home

I have known Vicki Kenny since we first met at a WYSTC conference in Australia in 1996 (World Youth Student Travel Conference).

She came across as a warm and welcoming person with a good sense of humour, and we immediately bonded. I have seen Vicki’s ability to get in contact with people several times since at several conferences around the world. With her well-balanced, goal-oriented and positive mind she is a respected and popular face among colleagues.

Vicki has been a great source of inspiration to me when I made the decision of starting my own agency more than fifteen years ago, and she has proven to be very helpful along the way, giving good advice, sharing both her experience, best practices and material she has made for different programs.

I regard Vicki as a committed professional with a personal approach to whatever she puts her mind to. She has a great deal of knowledge about business and others will greatly benefit from her intuition, patience and ability to make people around her feel good.

Vicki is a valued friend and colleague, and I have no hesitation in recommending.


Joan Lott Carlsen


Not sure if I can help?

No worries - send me a message about what you need and I'll get back to you.

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Tell me what you're looking for and I'll see if I can help. There are no silly questions. 

My story

I started my own business designing fashion at age 18

Since then I have accumulated 27 years of marketing, HR, website and systems experience which puts me in the perfect place to help you free up more of your time to work on your passion in your business. I love helping others in business.

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My expertise areas

Over 30 years of business experience - bringing the best of that to you.

Filemaker Database

Filemaker Databases

Client and Staff Management systems

Facebook management and ads

Facebook Marketing

Organic and paid creation and reach

Website Creation


Making websites simple to manage

Cashflow Help

Cashflow Help

Pay yourself what you're worth

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